Many of my patients give me a blank stare when I first tell them that I suspect they are suffering from a condition known as a "SLUGGISH LIVER"! Many CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) patients will also have a sluggish liver. Evidence of a sluggish liver includes strange (or even opposite) reactions to medications and even to some natural nutritional supplements.

Other signs of a sluggish liver can include an intolerance to caffeine, alcohol, and odors such as perfumes, gasoline, smoke and cleaning agents. This intolerance tends to progressively worsen over time.

Is your SLUGGISH LIVER the reason that some of your meds and supplements don't seem to help like they should? A history of elevated liver enzymes on past blood tests can also be indicative of a sluggish liver. Of course, any patient that has been diagnosed with either hepatitis or fatty liver also suffers from a "sluggish liver" too.

A long-term history of a combination of several prescription medications can also lead to "sluggish liver" with no history of CFS.

A "Sluggish Liver" can cause severe chemical sensitivities that complicate the use of even the purist nutritional supplements from top-notch physicians-only-line supplement companies. For this reason, nutritional therapy MUST BE STARTED SLOWLY in any patient with a "SLUGGISH LIVER". There is no other option. For this reason, please be patient with me as your doctor & please be patient with yourself as well. Slow & steady will win the race! It might take us 3 or 4 months to accomplish nutritionally what we could accomplish in a few weeks in a non-sluggish liver patient, but we will get there!

For example, this is the reason why any patient that suffers from a sluggish liver will need to take 5-HTP (the amino acid building block that produces serotonin [the happy hormone] and melatonin [the sleep hormone]) differently than a patient without a sluggish liver!!! If they take it like a NON-sluggish liver patient would, they will complain that either it didn't work or that even worse, it caused new problems!


By the way, if you've been told that you have a "Fatty Liver", this condition can be helped by improving your diet. Mainly by reducing your intake of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other refined simple sugars. Please watch my "The Evils of HFCS" video below for additional details.

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